What Is PBN and How Effective It Is?

The promotion of web projects necessarily includes getting links. PBN backlinks are a useful tool that affects the website’s positions in search results. Algorithms take into account many other variables, but there is no alternative to backlinks. Why is PBN considered an effective solution? How to increase website traffic with the help of PBN? Let’s find out!

What Is PBN?

PBN (Private Blog Network) is introduced to get a controlled network of sites that will place backlinks for promoting the relevant website (or its pages). PBN domains are purchased on sales or dropped domains are used. PBN is used by SEO specialists for two purposes:

1. To promote their sites in the search engine using high-quality links and to manipulate this important factor.

2. For selling links. To purchase backlinks from quality PBNs, people pay $10- $30 depending on the topic. As a rule, based on the characteristics of the sites included in the satellite network, it is impossible to determine that they belong to the same owner. Therefore, for a search engine, PBN looks like several independent quality sites linking to your main resource.

PBN is not the only solution because it works effectively only in cooperation with other optimization tools. If the website and the goods/services provided are poor, then such a network will not help.

PBN: Advantages and Disadvantages

In case the promoted website does not require backlinks, or you are already at the top — congratulations! If you constantly have to apply enormous efforts to stay in the SERP at a high position, and always think about how to buy backlinks — you probably can’t do without PBN. However, you should be aware of the following:

1. It takes time

Search for a domain with history, thematic sites that are as close to the subject as possible, check the site’s link profile and its presence in blacklists takes effort. Besides, you will need to create the design (it should be different for all the satellite sites), fill it with content, and wait about 2-3 weeks to increase the link mass.

2. It is expensive

All the above tasks are not cheap. It is relatively inexpensive to buy high quality backlinks from specialists, who distribute the working tasks between themselves and work on the creation of PBN from day to day. Besides, they usually have all the required tools for that: paid programs and services for finding and analyzing resources. Besides, you should have your own SEO experts who will be able to maintain the link mass in the future.

Finally, the main goal of SEO specialists is to make sure that search engines do not suspect the existence of the network. Otherwise, it will cause only troubles. So, stay cautioned! Good luck!

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