How to Get Quality Backlinks

External optimization (linkbuilding) is a set of tasks that aim to build and increase the link mass by obtaining backlinks to the site. The more high-quality backlinks, the more authoritative the site becomes for search engines and users. However, not all links guarantee an increase in authority, but only high-quality ones that come from relevant and trusted domains with a low spam rate. How to get them — let’s find out in this article.

1) Guest posting

Guest posting is a way not only to get a backlink, but also to boost traffic, increase lead generation, and improve the site’s reputation. Guest posting is a completely safe method of link building. Its essence is quite simple and includes placing a post on a relevant site with a mention of your website/blog/product. To avoid difficulties with finding these sites, you can use search results, as well as special services like LinkLifting and other programs.

2) Analysis of competitors’ backlinks

You can find out from which sites competitors received backlinks, and write your offer to them. After the list of sites is collected, do not rush to send emails to them. Check the quality of their domains to make sure that links from them will not lead to penalties from search engines. The main criteria for evaluating a domain are the following:

  • domain rating (according to services such as Ahrefs, Majestic, etc.);
  • traffic;
  • number of external links;
  • domain age.

After agreeing on the topic of your post, think about where exactly you will place the link to your site in the text. Then, you can buy backlinks to continue your cooperation.

3) Adding to the lists

At least once, you have probably come across articles-lists as “Top-10 best sites for designers”, “A selection of blogs for inspiration”, etc. The essence of this method is that you contact the owner of the site or the author of the article and ask to add your site/product to the list. If this is a rating where voting is provided, then you need to register your blog/product on the rating site to be included in the general list. In this way, you will not be obliged to think about where and how to get backlinks.

4) Posting on forums, Q&A services, review sites

Mentioning your site on the forums allows you to get a link and increase brand awareness. However, you need to do this as naturally as possible and not spam, otherwise, you can get a fine from search engines and a ban from forum administrators. Leave your comments when it makes sense. Search for topics by keywords. Q&A services are also an effective tool. The same scheme works here as on the forums: leave your posts without spam and according to the topic. The most popular Q&A sites are Reddit and Quora. Info about products and services can be posted on review sites.

In conclusion

SEO is an important part of website promotion especially in terms of link building. To be as effective and safe as possible, you only need to get natural, high-quality backlinks. Good luck!

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