Backlink Generators: Do They Really Work?

A backlink generator (or link builder) is an online service that automatically generates links for a website. You only need to provide your URL, and the software will generate many automatic backlinks for your website. Such software can provide you with numerous backlinks in a few moments. So, what are the reasons for decreasing in popularity in modern times?  Why do many trustworthy SEOs still believe in manual backlinking? Let’s find out.

Reasons Why People Are Afraid of Using Backlink Generators

There are several reasons for this:

1) Many link aggregators do not guarantee that links are even generated. In lots of cases, people tried to find out if the links were generated with the help of special software, but the result was not displayed.

2) Google constantly changes its search engine algorithm since the 2012 update. Until that year, the number of links mattered; no matter how they were created or what sites they came from. Since 2012, the quality of the links prevails the quantity. Some experts even think that low-quality spam links can ban your site.

While many backlink sites claim that the SEO links they provide are of high quality. This is unlikely to be so because they are generated in a matter of seconds. This is why using backlink generators is probably not the right way when it comes to effective link building.

What Services Can Be Trusted?

Still, if you are looking for a trustful backlinks builder, you can pay attention to the software that provides many SEO services, as well as gives you a clear statistic on the results. It is also important to have access to your expenses: if the tool doesn’t allow you to check your transactions — it has to be avoided.

Even though we live in a constantly-changing world, it is not worth trusting all the tasks to machines. Behind each software should be a team of people who are ready to consult you on various topics or provide you with other services. For example, check your on-site SEO and give recommendations for its improvement.

In Conclusion

Backlink generators were popular many years ago when it was important to have as many links to your website as possible. This all changed after 2012 and now the focus has shifted to the new ways and services. These methods may be slower but will provide better results in the long run. You should use a backlink generator if you are confident that the links will be of high quality. Otherwise, it’s better to use organic link building.

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