What Are the Passenger’s Rights When Missing a Connecting Flight?

You might be ready to enjoy your flight as you planned, but you find out you are missing a connecting flight. While this might not seem to be that big of a deal at first, you have rights because the airline changed the itinerary. You should know what your rights are to get what you deserve at the airport. Here is some basic information that you should learn about to assert your rights.


Get Compensation

You can get compensation for missing a connecting flight, especially if it was on your ticket or booking. Be sure to keep the proof of it to prove that you deserve compensation. If you are not sure how to go about it, you can contact the nice people at airclaim.com to help you out. They will sort out your compensation forms and help you get paid as soon as possible once you submit all the necessary requirements. It is simple and easy to do, so you might as well claim your compensation as soon as you can!

Missed Flight Compensation

One of your rights as a passenger is to get compensation because of a missed flight connection. One of the first things that the airline should do is get you a new flight, so there should be no need to panic. However, there is the potential that you can still get compensation even if they get you a new flight. There are many reasons that can make you eligible for compensation.

If the flight got overcooked, canceled or delayed and you missed the connection, you have the right to ask for compensation. This also includes flight delays that are longer than 3 hours to arrive to your final destination. Be aware that getting compensation for missed connection flights only applies if your flight was not individually purchased, it has to be part of your same booking. If something that caused your flight to be delayed was within the airline’s control but still got delayed, you should receive compensation. Or, you missed the connecting flight for something that was not your fault.

If you are an avid traveler, you should be aware that you can receive compensation for flight delays from as long as 3 years ago! While you are claiming compensation for your current flight, you can claim the old ones to make sure that you do not lose any money that the airline owes you. Remember that it normally does not matter if the airline was able to get you a new connecting flight, if they were the cause of the delay they will have to compensate you for your troubles.

Traveling can be quite tiring, and you do not want to deal with more than needed. Make sure you assert your rights and get the compensation that you should receive by claiming compensation for a missed connecting flight. The stress and struggle of waiting for your new connecting flight should be considered and you should get compensated as soon as possible by claiming it.